What Others Are Doing

Many businesses are focused on their efforts to move to that “next level” of performance. “What Others Are Doing” is designed to share some of the projects we have recently completed or are now working on, as well as programs that are representative of what some leading companies are doing to increase sales and marketing productivity.

  • Scorecard System
    An incentive system that balanced individual accountability and teamwork while it rewards Sales people for achieving targets in key business areas.
  • Promotion Effectiveness
    Best practices for promotion effectiveness for where and how trade dollars should be spent to increase the return on the marketing investment.

  • Organizing for 21st Century Sales & Marketing
    Creation of an entirely new organization that would increase the return on their marketing investment and operate more effectively and efficiently in the marketplace of today and tomorrow.

  • Best Practices in Merchandising
    A consortium working to identify ways of increasing the productivity of “Front-End”, check stand merchandising.

  • Customer Discovery Meetings
    A structured, team-based, problem-solving workshop including the manufacturer, retailer – the entire supply chain – to resolve distribution and on-shelf issues.

  • Automated Flexible Agenda Scheduling
    Improving the value of annual managers meetings.
  • Consumer Decision Tree (CDT)
    Conducting in-store research, developing a CDT model and helping communicate insights to the retail community.

  • Collaborative Customer Planning
    Implementing customized planning solutions.

  • Due Diligence – Acquisition
    Acquiring a complementary company in the family entertainment industry.

  • Custom Learning
    A "Critical Thinking" Course for sales people that included on-line self-study, classroom application of concepts to actual field sales business problems, and post workshop execution of business solutions, along with coaching in the field for learning follow-through. Training Program Excerpt




Evolution of the Front-End

Front-End Checkstands are constantly evolving. How does this innovation impact impulse sales? With continued evolution must come continual evaluation of these front-end merchandising changes.

Conference Presentation


Top Talent: A Top Priority

This comprehensive study conducted by the Sales Executive Share Group (SESG), an organization of the top sales executives at major CPG companies, provides insights into recruiting and retaining Millennials for Consumer Packaged Goods Sales.

Investing in the Shopper Experience

The results of a recent RetailWire/Dechert-Hampe survey of retail industry experts and practitioners emphasize the need to deliver unique shopping experiences and superior customer service.


The Impact of Continued Evolution on the Front-End Checkstand Impulse Sales

Retailers understand that the Front-End Checkstand is a critical location in the store. Almost every shopper passes through and it is the last opportunity the retailer has to make the shopping experience a pleasant one.

Maximizing Opportunities
at Self Checkout

An overview of the current status and future prospects for self checkouts in the retail environment.

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