Productivity & Performance Improvement

Drive your company to Best-in-Class levels.

What does it take to increase productivity and improve performance and get to the next level? It takes state-of-the-art tools and techniques, knowledge of best practices and targeted Learning & Development programs to assess current performance and to develop and implement meaningful improvements.

Our Productivity & Performance Improvement services include:

  • Learning Needs/Competency Assessment – We can work with you to assess current skill and competency levels and to determine the learning and development needs required to build a best-in-class sales force.

  • Learning & Development Programs – Once learning and development needs are established, we can develop custom programs designed around your business needs, culture, organizational structure and learning & development philosophy. We can work with you from strategy through development and execution all the way to evaluation, and can facilitate programs or develop train-the-trainer programs for your staff.
    Training Program Example Excerpt: "Critical Thinking Program"
  • Sales Effectiveness Assessment – Our proprietary Sales Effectiveness Suite provides a framework for improving the effectiveness of your Sales team. We measure collaboration, effectiveness and efficiency to understand what does and doesn’t work, and leverage the results to drive continuous improvement.
  • Forecasting, Planning & Reporting Tools – We have developed customizable tools for business and trade funds planning, volume forecasting, sales reporting and sales presentation development, and can help you implement those tools into your business processes.
  • Scorecarding – Do you know exactly how your organization performs against key business metrics? With the tools we develop, you can see the whole picture in real time.
  • CRM Support – We can help you implement a holistic CRM approach that addresses issues such as what data to track, how to manage it and how it can be applied to help your Sales team(s) achieve their goals. (Dechert-Hampe does not offer software to track and organize contacts; that’s the job of your CRM software).
  • Systems Implementation – Systems typically require some level of configuration and/or customization as a part of the installation process to ensure that the tool adequately addresses your needs. Our specialists can assist you during the implementation phase in project management, user advocacy to the software vendor, system training and the revising of business processes as needed.
  • Incentives – Does your incentive structure drive the behaviors and results you look for? We can help ensure that they do, by assessing your incentive programs and ensuring that they are in alignment with your strategies, goals and market focus


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