Research, Analytics & Insights

Leverage knowledge and understanding to gain a competitive advantage.

Successful companies leverage research and insights as a source of competitive advantage. DHC helps companies gain the insight they need through superior research methods and advanced analytics. From shopper insights to category management to trade spending, we’ll work with you to build the models you need and establish the metrics you can use to drive results and measure success.

Our research, analytics and insight-related services include:

  • Consumer Insights– Consumer insights show us how to build brand equity, stimulate purchases, generate usage, improve loyalty and ultimately, increase sales. Key methods include:
    • Market Structure/Market Segmentation
    • Focus Groups and Ethnography
    • Survey research (personal, telephone and internet)
  • Shopper Insights– Shopper insights help manufacturers and retailers understand behavior, motivations and decisions at the point-of-sale. Our team will work with you to explore shopper behavior around the key in-store touch points and help turn these shopper insights into action. Key methods include:
    • Shopper observations
    • In-Store Interviews
    • Shop-Alongs
    • Purchase Decision Trees
  • Channel & Customer Insights – In order to compete, and win, you need to fully understand the markets and channels in which you compete and the customers who sell your products. Insights are gained by conducting channel and customer research such as:
    • Customer Satisfaction surveys
    • Trade partner interviews
    • Channel development/expansion
    • Customer segmentation
  • Category Management – Category Management is a process for approaching product or service categories as business units and managing them to satisfy customer needs. DHC can help you achieve an optimal balance between your customer’s sales and profitability and those of your brands. We do that through:
    • Category Leadership Programs
    • Category Management Process
    • Category productivity and profitability studies
    • Assortment Optimization
    • Category Shelving Plans
  • In-Store Research & Testing– It is critical to understand the in-store environment as the shopper views it. Importantly, it is often necessary to modify that environment to evaluate new ideas. DHC has conducted numerous in-store research and tests, and offers a complete range of services including:
    • Audits of store conditions
    • Store test design and execution
    • Analytics for test evaluation
  • Resource Allocation (ROI) – Effective resource allocation is a critical issue for consumer product companies. For example, trade spending represents one of the biggest lines on the P&L. DHC enables companies to manage their resource allocations more effectively and efficiently by helping them plan, track, report, manage and analyze results in key customer focus areas:
    • Trade promotion Read more
    • Deductions
    • Cost of sales
    • Bracket pricing
    • Trade terms
  • Benchmarking – How are you doing versus your key competitors? Benchmarking is an effective way to learn what best-in-class companies are doing, and we conduct a range of benchmarking studies including:
    • Industry benchmarking
    • Competitive benchmarking
    • Best practices
    • Scorecarding
  • Models & Metrics – Data analytics is the foundation of all research and insights, and DHC has extensive analytic capabilities. We are experts in data integration and statistical analysis, and can develop sophisticated models that we can use to help you evaluate complex alternatives. Models we develop include:
    • Demand forecasting models
    • Pricing models
    • Coverage models
    • Financial models
    • What-if simulations
  • Thought Leadership – Best-in-Class companies employ insights to establish industry leadership. DHC Research & Insights capabilities support Thought Leadership efforts of all types, addressing such issues as defining best practices, redefining categories, tracking industry growth and improving productivity.




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